Yellow Bikini Eco - Vanilla Bean cause candle

Yellow Bikini Eco - Vanilla Bean cause candle


Scent: Vanilla bean: A sweet, sugary aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Charity: Whale and Dolphin conservation

Burn time: Approx 20 hours

A beautiful blend of soy and coconut wax in a natural bamboo cup, each with a fragrance that will make a room, house or office smell divine. This candle has an amazing cold fragrance throw (unlit) and hot fragrance throw (lit).

50c from each candle sold is donated to environmental conservation charities. If you live in New Zealand, the donation will be to an NZ charity and if you live in Australia, the donation will go to an Australian charity.

NZ Whales and Dolphins Charity - Project Jonah

Rescuing stranded whales across New Zealand, Project Jonah is a small charity that empowers everyday kiwis to make a difference. Mass strandings of these animals are common around the country, and Project Jonah’s ambitious objective is to ensure well-trained and knowledgeable whale rescue teams are available to respond to every stranding. We provide community training and educational material countrywide to equip boats users, Department of Conservation staff, schools, communities and individuals with the skills they require to identify whales in trouble and act appropriately.

AU Whales and Dolphins Charity - Australian Whale Conservation Society

ORRCA offers the community one of the most experienced and successful whale, dolphin, seal and dugong rescue teams in Australia. We are also proud that today, we have rescue-trained teams in Western Australia and Queensland available to support local authorities should a marine mammal incident arise